A Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is the best and most rejuvenating activity we can do for ourselves. It helps regulate our hormones, helps our bodies recover from stress and injury while giving our brains a chance to recharge. So it makes sense to turn our bedroom into a tranquil calm space so that we can achieve a better sleep. A few simple ways of doing so are as follows:

Light…or lack there of

Make sure your bedroom is dark. This may mean closing all doors and getting black-out blinds or curtains for your windows. The darkness stimulates the pineal gland in our brains to produce melatonin which helps us fall sleep.

Bedroom plants

Adding houseplants to your bedroom can be a really beneficial way of improving air quality. Some plants emit an aroma which can have a calming effect on the nervous system. A few of these plants include medicinal aloe vera, lavender, spider plant and valerian.


It’s best to keep laptops, cellphones, tablets and any other electronic device which may emit an electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) away from your bedroom. EMFs have been shown to decrease the production of melatonin which, as we discussed before, is essential for helping us fall asleep.


Our circadian rhythm loves routine. If you can manage to get into a schedule where you are going to bed and waking at the same time, your body will have an easier time falling asleep and waking up. Did I also mention our adrenal glands, which control our stress hormones, also love routine? Win win!

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